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Digital solutions enabling pharmacists and doctors to interact with patients remotely, facilitate treatment and monitor care.

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HIV Clinicians Experts has digital solutions enabling pharmacist and doctors to interact with patients remotely, facilitate treatment, and monitor care. The HIV Clinicians online programme ensures the continued quality of care by providers.

HIV Clinicians Clinical guideline committee produces national HIV best practice and evidence-based guidelines.

With over 1 800 private sector doctors managing in excess of 350 000 patients, the HIV Clinicians Experts have the largest influence to improve quality of care and lower overall costs within the industry.

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The EPIC Programme

The aim of the EPIC programme is to lower costs, increase patient experience, increasing access to service digitally, simplify clinical management and improve population health all with a smaller physical footprint. The following problems have been the determining factors and drive for the development of the EPIC Programme:

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Prevention implementation is poor and not showing material uptake.

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Teenage pregnancy is increasing.


Contraceptive adherence can be improved to assist in reducing unplanned pregnancies.


HIV Prevention using PrEP has poor uptake especially in high-risk women 18 to 35 years old.

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HPV vaccine uptake is lower than expected.

Programme inclusion

Post-exposure prophylaxis

Pre-exposure prophylaxis

First Line Anti-retroviral medication initiation

Patient support programme (digital platform)

Direct scheme benefits

No additional costs to patients

Improved compliance

Improved communication between provider and patients

Health system strengthening

Improved linkage-to-care